Your Friend Forever

‘Laugh out loud funny and achingly sad, captures our 80’s childhoods beautifully’

Lizzie Roper

Barrie brilliantly transports readers of a certain age back to the innocence of an ’80s adolescence, jogging buried recollections of popular culture, sexual naivety, politics all the way down to the hated minutiae of school and family life.  Though Maud wouldn’t realise it in a million years, it’s a total joy to spend time with her. 

Alex Lowe

Maud is the funniest teenager since Adrian Mole. Zena Barrie has written a beautiful book about hope and perseverance

Robin Ince

A hilarious and heart breaking fan letter to the confused teenagers we once were, and the confused adults we become. 

Geoff Lloyd

I chatted to Robin Ince about Your Friend Forever on Bookshambles, you can listen to our chat here.

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